Syracuse Hillel offers a wide variety of student leadership opportunities including our HJSU Executive Board and Peer Network Engagement Interns. Hillel is also home to a number of umbrella organizations including: Jewish Greek Council, Orange for Israel, Oy Capella, and Challah for Hunger.  Hillel also offers a number of paid internship opportunities such as learning fellowship interns, recruitment interns for Perspectives and Birthright, and work study positions. For more information about available student leadership opportunities, contact Jillian Juni.

HJSU (Hillel Jewish Student Union)

The HJSU Executive Board is made up of dedicated students from diverse backgrounds who are committed to providing amazing programs and opportunities for their peers on campus. Contact President Ronni Isenberg for more information.

HJSU 2020-2021 Executive Board:

President: Ronni Isenberg '21

Finance Vice President: Jason Resnick '21

Social Programming Co-Vice President: Sophie Baron '22

Social Programming Co-Vice President: Sam Aaronson '22

Tzedek Vice President: Ashley Price '21

Religion Vice President: Sarah Cossman '21

Israel Vice President: Keren Idelman '22

PNEI (Peer Network Engagement Interns)

Each Intern is charged with building relationships with Jewish students on campus. Serving as a resource to meaningful opportunities, the engagement interns strive to advance Jewish values in the context of their relationships. Interns strive to understand students' interests, passions, and aspirations, and connect them to opportunities that the students may find meaningful and engaging. Interns plan initiatives that they identify as relevant and Jewish, enable them to meet other students and follow-up with them in an authentic, comfortable, and open way. Contact Rabbi Joel for more information.

PNEI 2020-2021 Cohort:

Jed Friedman '23

Olivia Galel '23

Cole Harris '23

Elissa Heydemann '23

Eliana Koenigsberg '23

Murray Lebovitz '23

Anna Levine '23

Madison McDonnell '23

Sydney Schroeder '23

Madi Weinmann '23

JGC (Jewish Greek Council)

JGC is a group of representatives from the social, multicultural, and professional Greek councils working together to form a strong sense of Jewish community within Greek Life at Syracuse University. Contact President Julia Schwenderman for more information.

JGC 2020-2021 Executive Board:

President: Julia Schwenderman '22

Communication and Networking Chair: Sarah Winn '22

Engagement Chair: Emily Baum '21 

Philanthropy Chair: Natalie Sonkin '22

Secretary: Abby Goldberg '22

Social Chair: Danielle Rubenstein '22

OFI (Orange for Israel)

OFI is Syracuse University’s pro-Israel student organization. They advocate for Israel and the US-Israel relationship on campus, host speakers, raise money for Israeli NGOs, and host Israeli cultural events on campus. Contact President Katie Berman for more information.

OFI 2020-2021 Executive Board:

President: Katie Berman '21

Campus Engagement Coordinators: Orli Rein '22 and Bobbi Hochberg '21

Anti-BDS Task Force: Jed Friedman '23 and Jack Kaplan '22 

Campus Legislative Coordinators: Shawn Lewis '21 and Noah Atlas '21

Campus Relations Coordinators: Ben Simens '23 and Ryan Spivey '23

Fundraising Coordinators: Dara Doft '23 and Olivia Galel '23

Social Media/Event Planning Coordinators: Sarah Winn '22, Jordan Greene '23, and Mira Berenbaum '23

Oy Cappella

Oy Caps is Syracuse University's co-ed Jewish a cappella group. They sing contemporary songs by modern Jewish artists and writers (including but not limited to Matisyahu, Maroon 5, Pink, Fun., etc), as well as some traditional Hebrew songs. Contact President Ryan Peiffer for more information. 

Oy Cappella 2020-2021 Executive Board:

President: Ryan Peiffer  '21

Music Directors: Juliette Milber and Josie Burger

Public Relations Directors: Anna Fleisher and Jace Rodrigues

Business Manager: Liam Chambers

Challah for Hunger

Challah for Hunger bakes delicious challah from scratch at Hillel. Half of the proceeds are donated to Mazon- A Jewish Response To Hunger which fights to end hunger throughout the United States and Israel, and the other half is donated to a local hunger relief organization. 

Challah for Hunger 2020-2021 Executive Board:

President: Emma Brown '21

Dough Prep and Bake Coordinator: Avi Schlecht '22

Social Coordinator: Daisy Elliot '22

Volunteer Outreach Coordinator: Jordan Greene '23