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Planned Giving

Legal Information

Legal Name: Syracuse Hillel, Inc. 

Federal Tax Identification Number (EIN): 45-1441843.



Syracuse Hillel, Inc.

Winnick Hillel Center

102 Walnut Place

Syracuse, NY 13210


Types of Planned Gifts

Retirement Funds

A very easy and popular option for people of all ages is to name Syracuse Hillel as a beneficiary of a retirement plan. The most tax-wise option: whereas retirement plan distributions to heirs can be extremely high (exceeding 70% in some cases), retirement plans distributions to charity incur no taxes. You can specify a percentage of the account. Contact your plan administrator for a form or in most cases, you can complete the form online. 

IRA Charitable Rollover

The IRA charitable rollover has been renewed by Congress. Charitably minded taxpayers aged 70.5 and older have the opportunity to transfer up to $105,000 each year to charity without it being treated as a taxable distribution. 


You can make a bequest gift of a percentage of the remainder of your estate, specific property or a specific dollar amount. The estate may receive a tax deduction in the amount of the charitable bequest. If you already have a will, an attorney can help arrange a charitable bequest with a simple amendment (codicil). ​​

Life Insurance

Gifts to Syracuse Hillel using life insurance may be made in two ways:

  • You may name Syracuse Hillel as owner and beneficiary of either an existing or new policy. 

  • You may use life insurance to simply name Syracuse Hillel as the beneficiary of your policy.

Since Syracuse Hillel does not own the policy, the gift is considered revocable, or without immediate tax savings. However, this type of gift may be eligible for a federal estate tax charitable deduction at the time of your passing.

For more information about these legacy gifts, specific questions, or to learn about the most fulfilling way for you to leave your legacy, please contact Jillian Juni

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