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A Jewish Community for All Jewish Students

“I’ve been so lucky to find a Jewish community at Syracuse Hillel,” says Sam Aaronson, a senior at Syracuse University. Sam ’22 and Jared ’24 Aaronson grew up with strong connections to Judaism. Summers spent at URJ Eisner Camp, a community built at their synagogue in New York, and family celebrations in their home, led them both to seek out the Jewish community in college.

Sam and Jared each have their own connection with Hillel. Sam is a Hillel regular. She has been a leader for three years, a mentor at FreshFest, and can be found at Hillel studying or hanging out with friends throughout the week. She is quick to welcome new folks to the community. For Sam, Hillel “allows me to grow both personally and professionally. Some of the people I have mentored through Hillel programs have turned out to be my greatest teachers.”

Jared shares that “Hillel is a safe place that I know I can visit if I ever need it or if I am missing home.” To begin his Syracuse experience, he was a participant at virtual FreshFest, has attended a few activities at Hillel, and joins his sister and her Hillel friends for home-hosted Shabbat and holiday gatherings whenever possible. “Hillel allows me to be with others who are like me.”

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