Full-time, undergraduate students can submit a swipe access request. Those with swipe access are not permitted to enter the building without prior permission after midnight or on Juice Jam or Mayfest. Students may be subject to meeting with a Hillel staff member prior to swipe access being granted. 

If you are planning a program and plan to 1) apply to use Hillel funding, 2) would like to use the Winnick Hillel Center, or 3) would like Hillel to advertise your event, you must fill out the program planning form.

If you are a student leader requesting reimbursement for a pre-approved expense, please download and fill out the reimbursement form and attach all receipts. Reimbursements are processed weekly on Tuesdays and a final check will arrive a week from the Tuesday the request was processed.  

If you are not a student, but are a representative from a local Syracuse organization or a Syracuse University Department, and would like to request to utilize the Winnick Hillel Center for an upcoming event, you can fill out the WHC Space Rental.

If you are utilizing a private vehicle as the sole mode of transportation (i.e. carpools, driving in groups) offered to students attending an event, all attendees must fill out the travel waiver. 

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